Lexember 1: Ryun is for…

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ryirok [ɹ̠ʲə.ˈrɔk], the ancient word for a scholar. Kharul had a reputation for producing scholars, which it achieved because of its invention of papyrus and the alphabet, and the resulting high literacy rates.

Ryirok comes from Old Kharulian rizòk, from rizò “to engross oneself in one’s work”, literally “to devour oneself”.

Ryirok as the word for a scholar would surprise modern Meamorians, who would instead recognize (and, in many cases, have borrowed) the word ázrak. But in classical Kharulian, ázrak simply meant “traveller”; only in the 2nd century, when Kharulian scholars became known for venturing from one place to another to study, did ázrak begin to displace ryirok.

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