Kharulian Test Cases

  1. The sun shines.

    it anrjm

    It árnajiam

    [it ˈáʝam]

    it   á-r<n>ajiam 
    sun  4s-<4s>shine
  2. The sun is shining.

    it anrjman

    It árnajyman

    [it ˈár.naʝ.man]

    it   á-r<n>ajym-an   
    sun  4s-<4s>shine-PRG
  3. The sun shone.

    it anrjmoj

    It arnajymojy

    [it ar.naʝˈmoʝ]

    it   a-r<n>ajym-ojy  
    sun  4s-<4s>shine-PFV
  4. The sun will shine.

    it anrjmet

    It arnajymueet

    [it ar.naʝˈmˠeːt]

    it   a-r<n>ajymm-ue-et   
    sun  4s-<4s>shine-PFV-FUT
  5. The sun has been shining.

    it anrjmi

    It árnajyamy

    [it ˈʝamʲ]

    it   a-r<n>ajyam-y    
    sun  4s-<4s>shine-IPFV

    The translation here really depends on how you imagine the sentence continuing. The above assumes something like “The sun has been shining, and we’ve been enjoying its warmth”. If it’s “…, but now it’s going behind a cloud”, you’d use the progressive árnajyman to indicate the interruption. If it’s “… for almost four hours now”, you’d be more likely to use the protractive arnajmía.

  6. The sun is shining again.

    it anrjmpran

    It arnajym’bran

    [it ar.naʝ.məbˈran]

    it   a-r<n>ajym-'br-an     
    sun  4s-<4s>shine-again-PRG