Silly Sentences in Muipidan

This sentence uses all six Muipidan cases. It “cheats” using the fact that Muipidan auxiliary constructions take case-marked infinitives.

Hmem nin myas phun ma-tongïs o-toïtado e-kay.

Ø-hme-m          ni-n    mya-s    phu-n   ma-tongïs  o-toï-ta-do      
NOM-brother-KIN  GEN-1s  IPFV-3s  DAT-1s  LOC-guard  ACC-life-ABST-DEF


My brother used to defend me with a spear.

This sentence is familiar to Don Hertzfeldt fans.

Kaseytede nin langïsos ï-k’ote!

kasey-te-de     ni-n    lan-gïso-s   ï-k'o-te      
spoon-TOOL-DEF  GEN-1s  flow-AUG-3s  INSTR-big-TOOL

My spoon is too big!

The definite is used (kaseytede rather than kasey) because the spoon is visible. This is in contrast to the next sentence, which also demonstrates possessor raising.

Thuphe khyusudo hnas nin ni-khi o-kasey!

thu-phe    khyu-su-do        hna-s   ni-n    ni-khi     o-kasey  
WILD-that  vulture-WILD-DEF  PFV-3s  GEN-1s  GEN-steal  ACC-spoon

That vulture has stolen my spoon!