About Meamoria

Meamoria is a fictional planet, made as a home for my naturalistic constructed languages and the people who speak them. It’s a Pangaea world, dominated by a single supercontinent, which is surrounded by a vast ocean with scattered island chains. The supercontinent assembled from five smaller continents in the recent geological past, which form the five basins, separated by tall mountain ranges formed in the continental collisions. The only remnant of the ocean that once separated the continents is an inland sea called the Poslo Sea.

Meamoria is populated by three closely related sapient species: the humans on the lowlands, the montanes in the mountains, and the nerites in the coastal waters. The montanes and nerites are both highly territorial, and restrict the passage of humans through their territories — the montanes allow only small bands of travellers through their mountain domains, while the nerites blockade any ships attempting to leave the shore. The upshot is that while ideas and technologies can spread easily from one basin to another through trade caravans, armies and bulk goods cannot.

The name “Meamoria” doesn’t exist in-universe; each culture has its own word for “the world”, and it would show favouritism to choose one of them over the others.