While each culture of Meamoria has its own way of counting years, I use the Kharulian system in these documents, which is the standard in academia. The system assigns the number 1 to the year when the last king of Kharul ascended to the throne, then extends arbitrarily far forwards and backwards, using zero and negative numbers for the years before year 1.

In this system, the time frames of the major empires are:

  • Kharul: -1600 to its absorption into Muipido, ending in the year 10.

  • Muipido: -1500 to the end of the Muipidan Civil War in 616.

  • Nitheria: 100 to 2130.

For context, the bronze age in the Northwest lasted from about -1800 to -100. So Kharul and Muipido were bronze-age states, with iron tools and weapons appearing partway through Muipido’s lifetime. Nitheria developed later, and was still using bronze tools when the Kharulians arrived in the 7th century and brought knowledge of iron working.


Here are the approximate dates of the milestones in each language’s evolution:

  • Muipidan: standardized in -464

    • Old Muipidan: -1200

  • Kharulian: standardized in -400

    • Old Kharulian: -1000

  • Nitherian: standardized in 650

    • Old Nitherian: 0