Muipidan Weekly Words Examples

Starting on June 28, 2021, I began posting Muipidan example sentences on my website as part of the Weekly Words series.

June 28, 2021: “Heat Wave”

Ndagi k’etade mavos ü-met’ese ni-tiyta ne-hmeta.

nda-gi     k'e-ta-de                 mavo-s   ü=met'ese
ABST-this  unpleasant.heat-ABST-DEF  fear-3s  ACC=last 

ni=tiy-ta         ne=hme-ta   
GEN=several-ABST  GEN=day-ABST

I fear that this unpleasant heat will last several days.

July 19, 2021: “Noisy Cats”

Amamoyto nin myas ndon pungïsun e-mwamwa mï-hniyhn.

ama-moy-to      ni-n    mya-s    n-don     pungïsu-n   e=mwa~mwa   
mother-DOM-DEF  GEN-1S  IPFV-3s  LOC-PASS  annoy-PASS  INSTR=PL~cat


My mother-in-law was annoyed by some noisy cats.

October 25, 2021: “Kaige the Thick”

Kaygekende imis o-moy tohnïmbada pügin.

Kayge-ken-de       imi-s   o=moy     to-hnï-mbada     pügi-n       
Kaigemis-PERS-DEF  OPT-3s  ACC=CAUS  PASS-NEG-3.GRPL  frighten-PASS

May Kaigemis protect us all from fear.