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WW #34: Speaking chilis

Here’s a spicy Nitherian sentence: Misanyathmo vovoslo sesecha. [mi.san.yaˈðə.mom-i-san-yathm-o-ØPFV-speak-INS.APPL-chili-3s–3s.A voˈvo.ɬovo~vosloHAB~sail seˈse.tɕa]se~sechaHAB~buy The merchant berated the sailor. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss The interesting word here is the verb compound… Read more »

WW #31: Athletes

Renayekasoslo kikirasalarwi vayawaslo. [re.na.je.kaˈso.ɬore-naye-k-aso-sloPROG-try-INTENS-towards-3p ki.ki.ra.saˈla.rwiki~kira-sala-rwiHAB~run-skilfully-PL va.jaˈwa.ɬo]va-yawa-slobe.from-here.and.there-3p Athletes from many lands have come to compete. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss The new roots in this sentence are: Noyekeso “compete, struggle”… Read more »

WW #28: Patchwork

One of the most striking things about Nitherian culture to outsiders is their fondness for colourful decorations and clothing. Here’s an example sentence on this topic: Mosechashichi yo ithnnini mwiayawa…. Read more »