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WW #30: Study Trip

Even in the ancient world, Kharulian scholars would regularly take study trips to distant academies and libraries; later, this became so associated with Kharulian scholars that the word ázrak “traveller”… Read more »

WW #29: Noisy Cats

Amamoyto nin myas ndon pungïsun e-mwamwa mï-hniyhn. [ˈa.maˌmɔj.toama-moy-tomother-DOM–DEF nɪnni-nGEN–1s mjasmya-sIPFV–3s ⁿdɔnn-donLOC–PASS ˈpʊ.ᵑɡɨ.zʊnpungïsu-nannoy-PASS ɛˈmwa.mwae=mwa~mwaINSTR=PL~cat mɨˈn̥ɪjn̥]mï=hniyhnLOC-squeal My mother-in-law was annoyed by some noisy cats. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss Here are… Read more »

WW #28: Patchwork

One of the most striking things about Nitherian culture to outsiders is their fondness for colourful decorations and clothing. Here’s an example sentence on this topic: Mosechashichi yo ithnnini mwiayawa…. Read more »

WW #27: Two Doses

Here’s a Kharulian sentence to celebrate finally being fully vaxxed: Shel faghióliamui niboghi tsaro anzaros. [ʃɛɫsh-elINAN.SG-this ɸaˈʝo.lʲa.mˠifaghioli-am-uispirit-leaf-GEN ɲiˈbo.ʝinibogh-ismall.cup-GEN ˈtsa-rotsa-rotwo-ACC an.zaˈrɔs]anza-ros3s.OBV>INAN.SG-need You need two doses of this medicine. Gloss provided by… Read more »