Category: Weekly Words

WW #48: Anything for Gold

Following up on last week: Lane yomelasanochi myon pmslo methale. [ˈla.nelanebutˈno.tɕiyo-mela-san-o-chigive-down-with-3s–3p.A mjonmyoneverything ˈpm̩.ɬopm-slofor-3s meˈða.le]methalegold But they will give anything for gold. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss The Nitherian… Read more »

WW #47: No Sacrifice

Following up on last week: Nitherwi vezhivazherasho wi, ayomelasanochi yovo pmslo thoslerwi. [niˈðe.rwinithe-rwiperson-PL ve.ʑʑeˈra.ɕovezhi-va-zhera-sholive-LOC.APPL-land-3p wiwiLDˈno.tɕia-yo-mela-san-o-chiNEG-give-down-INS.APPL–3s–3p.A ˈjo.voyovonothing ˈpm̩.ɬopm-slofor-3p ðoˈɬe.rwi]thosle-rwigod-PL The people who live there don’t sacrifice anything to the gods…. Read more »

WW #46: A Thousand Islands

Following up on last week: Tsmpathaynslo zherashosla thwesaso. [tsm̩.pa.ðaˈjən.ɬotsm-pa-thayn-slosit-LOC.APPL-lake-3p ʑe.raˈɕo.ɬazherashoslaisland ðweˈ]thwesaso1,296 From its waters rise a thousand islands. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss The numeral thwesaso (1,296) seems overly… Read more »

WW #41: Fair Wind

Nitherian has a variety of elaborate scripted conversations, which are used in specific social situations. The following is the first sentence of one such script, used in northern Nitheria when… Read more »

WW #39: Growing Everywhere

A happy little sentence from the Syntax Test Cases: Ofloytota ofloytota pepehe otmoyk’e. [ˈo.flɔjˌto.taofloyto-tagrow-3p ˈo.flɔjˌto.taofloyto-tagrow-3p ˈpe.pɛ.həpe~pehePL~flower ˈot.mɔj.kʼə]otmoy-k’elovely-PLNT Lovely flowers are growing everywhere. Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss This sentence… Read more »