Classical Kharulian

Classical Kharulian, known by its speakers as Iskulyípat (iksuhipt /is.kuˈlʲi.pət/, literally “citizen’s speech”) is the standard language of scholarship in Meamoria. Originally the native language of the kingdom of Kharul, it spread with its speakers following the Muipidan conquest, eventually touching every corner of the continent. Even though ethnic Kharulians haven’t been the majority of scholars since the 12th century, this ancient language lives on in universities and laboratories worldwide.

Classical Kharulian is notable for its palatalization distinction on all consonants, its non-concatenative morphology, and a pronoun system that distinguishes clusivity and obviation and lacks true independent forms. The non-concatenative morphology is visible in the name of the country and language: Kharul is the same stem as the -skul- in Iskulyípat.