Lexember 21: Na is for…

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nwil [nˠiɫ] “given name” and, as a bonus, nughyi nwil [ˈnu.ʝi nˠiɫ] “given name inherited from an ancestor”.

In my Lexember 18 post, we saw that Kharulian names were made of two family names (nugh) followed by a given name (nwil). The given name was assigned at age five; children younger than five were simply referred to by birth order. The eldest son was usually given a nughyi nwil, that is, the name of a dead ancestor in the male line (in addition to “family name”, nugh could also refer to the bloodline itself, hence its use in this compound). Younger sons were sometimes given nughyi nwil as well, though it was seen as disrespectful to give a child the same name as a living family member.

Children who didn’t receive a nughyi nwil (both boys and girls) were usually named after characters from myths. The name was often chosen based on which character the child’s developing personality reminded the family of.

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