WW #15: A Taste of Blood

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Words 6 and 7 on the Liepzig-Jakarta list are “tongue” and “blood”. Muipidan and Kharulian already had words for “tongue”, while Nitherian already had a word for “blood”, so the gaps complement each other nicely.

  • Muipidan uses the word for “water”, siytïde [ˈsɪj.tɨ.də], to mean “blood” as well. Speakers can clarify that they mean the bodily fluid using the phrase siytïde nï-toe “water of life”, especially when referring to blood that has been spilled.
  • Kharulian has the simple noun iv [iβ] for blood. It’s grammatically animate in Kharulian because of its close association with life.
  • The Nitherian word for the tongue is chie [ˈtɕi.e]. In Old Nitherian it was tliges /tɬi.ɡes/, but that delicious lateral affricate has been lost to palatalization.

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