WW #31: Athletes

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Renayekasoslo kikirasalarwi vayawaslo.

Athletes from many lands have come to compete.
Gloss provided by Gloss My Gloss

The new roots in this sentence are:

  • Noyekeso “compete, struggle” is the intensive of noyeso “to try”.
  • Kira means “to run”; Nitherian forms habitual agent nouns by copying the first syllable of the verb, so kikira means “runner” (one who runs regularly).
  • The suffix -sala means “well” or “skilfully”. It comes from suffixes that meant “using the feet”; the implication is that the person is so good at a delicate task that they could even do it with their feet. Now it can be applied to any verb, even ones like “run” that heavily involve the feet anyway.
  • Va means “be from”. Nationalities are often verbs in Nitherian, but for smaller locations like islands, towns, etc., you use va plus the place name. In this case, the athletes aren’t coming from any one place, but from “here and there” (-yawa).

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