WW #12: Meat To Go

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The third word on the Liepzig-Jakarta list is “to go”.

Muipidan verbs of motion tend to distinguish both the path and the speed of motion. For generic motion (without specifying a path), Muipidan has two basic words: ledüs [ˈle.dʏs] “to go quickly” and hnos [n̥ɔs] “to go slowly”.

Nitherian verbs usually encode the manner of motion (i.e. it’s a satellite-framed language), but it does have a generic verb myo [mjo] that’s unspecified for manner. It’s one of only a few irregular verbs in Nitherian; the verb stem is mi-, but “I go”, “it goes”, “you (pl.) go” are mi, myo, mwa where one would expect mishi, miso, miwa by the normal rules for conjugating intransitive verbs.

Kharulian already has a word for “to go”, so today’s Kharulian word is narwée [naˈrˠeː] “meat” instead.

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