WW #20: The Sky is Sad

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This week’s Liepzig-Jakarta word should be “rain”, but Muipidan and Kharulian already had words for “rain”, so I’ve given them words for “fly” (the insect) instead.

In Muipidan, the word for any small flying insect is k’ebeayte [ˈk’e.beˌaj.tə]. It’s also used as a disparaging term for the followers of a religious sect that the speaker disapproves of. This usage made its way into Kharulian as kyebáit [ceˈba.it] “religious follower”.

In Kharulian, the word tsaú [tsaˈu] is used for any flying insect. Unlike Muipidan k’ebeayte, it includes larger insects like butterflies and dragonflies.

In Nitherian, there isn’t a specific word for “rain” as a noun (speakers just use osla [ˈo.ɬa] “water”, or oslaslo va zhi [oˈɬa.ɬo va ʒi] “sky water” if they need to be clear). But to say “it’s raining”, Nitherians use the phrase lo zhi [lo ʒi], literally “the sky is sad”.

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