WW #19: Mango Juice

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In Nitherian, the word for “mango” (the fruit) is mwo [mwo]. But in the lead-up to the Imperial period in Nitheria, it also became the normal polite way of referring to a woman’s breast (which is this week’s Liepzig-Jakarta word!). This led to other breast-related concepts getting mango-derived phrases, such as oslaslo va mwo [oˈɬa.ɬo va mwo], literally “mango juice” (from osla “water”), but also used for “breastmilk”.

Muipidan has the word nohnaayto [ˈnɔ.n̥aˌaj.to] for “breast”. It’s used to form the preposition ma-nohn, “in front of”, literally “at the breast of”.

In Kharulian, the normal word for “breast” is pukhlwi [ˈpuç.ɫi], but it’s a general term referring to the chest of both men and women.

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