WW #18: Come Here

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Word 10 on the Liepzig-Jakarta list (not counting the second-person pronoun sharing position 9) is “to come”.

As mentioned in Weekly Words 12, Muipidan verbs of motion tend to distinguish the path and speed of motion. Its words for motion towards the speaker are sitlïs [ˈsɪt.lɨs] for slow motion (“to approach”), odïs [ˈo.dɨs] for moderate motion (“to come”), and letlas [ˈlɛt.las] for fast motion (“get over here!”).

Kharulian has the verb narwim [naˈrˠim], “to arrive, to come”. It’s another consonant-switching verb, with forms like manrwim [manˈrˠim] “I arrive” and irnwim [irˈnˠim] “he arrives”.

Nitherian expresses “to come” using a derivational suffix -aso. If the speaker wanted to be vague about the manner of motion, they could add this suffix to the generic motion verb myo, yielding the form myaso [ˈmja.so]. But more commonly, speakers attach the suffix to a specific manner verb: shino [ˈɕi.no] “to walk” becomes shinasho [ɕiˈna.ɕo] “to come walking”, vosloslo [voˈɬo.ɬo] “to sail” becomes voslaslo [voˈɬa.ɬo] “to come sailing”, etc. (The /s/ in -aso assimilates to a preceding /ɕ/ or /ɬ/.)

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