WW #25: Big Wool

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Just a quick tour of words for “cloud” this week.

Muipidan has an archaic word uyk’udo [ˈʊj.kʼʊ.do] for “cloud”, but the usual classical word is ngek’üde [ˈᵑɡe.kʼʏ.də], literally “big wool” (ngetade “wool” derived into the noun class for big things). Originally this referred only to fluffy cumulus clouds, but was extended to clouds in general.

Kharulian has the basic root nyiv [ɲiβ] “cloud”, plural nyúel [ˈɲu.ɛɫ]. Like other Kharulian words for forces of nature, it uses animate morphology and agreements.

Nitherian uses mo [mo] for distinct clouds and evo [ˈe.vo], literally “forest canopy” for overcast conditions.

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