Lexember 30: Tight Consonant

Consonant sounds in Kharulian come in “tight” (palatalized) and “loose” (non-palatalized) variants. The Kharulian word for a “tight” consonant is sablon [sabˈɫɔn], from the verb root fal “to squeeze”. Unfortunately… Read more »

Lexember 29: Consonant

The Kharulian word for a consonant letter or sound is sagazdará [sa.ɡəz.dəˈra], literally “that is rough”. Unlike the case with vowels, written consonants normally correspond one-to-one with spoken consonants, though… Read more »

Lexember 28: Gap Vowel

Continuing from yesterday’s entry, morphologically fickle vowels in Kharulian are called ich [itʃ] (singular ílyit [ˈi.lʲət]), which means “gaps” or “openings”. The second i in ílyit is an example, since… Read more »